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Alma Showdown, Sponsored By Patrick's Burgers

Stop By and Say Hi, Let Them Know You are Playing Baseball.

The Address is 215 Westfork St. (Behind Harps)

Weather Updates

All other Fields Will Start as planned on Sunday.

14u Is Canceled For The Weekend

​Updated at 10:30pm

9u Brackets

Games Will Be Played at Kessler Mountain in Fayetteville

​​7u/8u Brackets

Game Length 75 Minutes

Run Rules 15 After 3, 8 After 4, Mathematical After 5 

Alma Showdown

Sponsored By Alma's Newest Restaurant

Patrick's Burgers

Date:   June 3-4    Ages 7 - HS Division

Cost:   $260   7/8 CP,   $285   9u - 12U,   $335   13u / 14U

Gate Fees Will Be Standard USSSA  

Location:   Alma Sports Complex (101 W Main St)

Tournament Registration