Event Facilities

Quality Tournaments, For Quality Teams

Outdoor / Indoor facilities Baseball, Baseball Cages, Softball, Soccer fields, Basketball courts by their designs and use inherent such as, but not limited to:

  • Uneven and variable walking surfaces, seating, and standing areas and bleachers that very by design, construction and conditions.
  • Risk of injury from colliding with another person, slipping or falling on walking surfaces, bleachers, and stairways and tripping  over unknown  objects which others persons may have left or discarded on the premises
  • Risks of injury from wayward of flying objects that maybe thrown or struck such as balls, bats, gloves and other items that not be reasonably foreseeable.
  • Players, coaches, team personal and spectators may damage the premises or create hazards at any time without knowledge of Arkansas Premier, USSSA or any of the facilities being used.

This list of risk is not and cannot be all inclusive.  There may other risk that can injure you.  Players, coaches, team personnel and spectators should always pay attention to the action at hand and be alert for objects headed their way and should listen for public announcements regarding safety during the event.

Players, coaches, team personnel and spectators are responsible for their own safety while they are on the premises of any event.  If you do not wish to assume the risk of harm while attending our sporting event. Then do not enter the premises of these events / facility.  Arkansas Premier, USSSA or any facilities used for these tournaments will not be responsible if a player, coach, team personnel or spectator is injured at the sporting event or any of the facilities used.